Friday, April 21, 2017

January Highlights

 Amy's awesome Christmas gift to us:
My birthday:
Car sing along:

 Barbie play time:

Zoo trip with the Sammons: 
 Doughnut Day (Friday the 13th):
 Lilah's art:
 Ben's seen some stuff:
 Chocolate Joker:
 Painted the bathroom:

December Highlights

Surprise care basket from a "mystery" person when the kids were sick:
Christmas time art:
Anda's cookies for the homeless shelter service project:
Hannah as Jacob Marley in her school play:
With special appearances:
Christmas lists:
Dress up at my orthodontist's office:
Anda's subtle sign for the Christmas decor:
Last swim practice:
Christmas lights forest in Irmo:
Mini cherry pies:
Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa:
Christmas morning:
The Christmas morning tradition continues: